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La Taverne du MonchuSomewhat unexpectedly, Roomie received an invitation for dinner à deux from a new bestie skiing buddy a few nights ago. Dinner for two morphed into dinner for four as mother and grandmother were in town for the festive season. And they weren’t Roomie’s. You win some, you lose some.

Still, on a snowy night the quartet found themselves all cosy toes in La Taverne du Monchu, a restaurant in the centre of Les Coches.

Roomie munched his way through French Onion soup and pan-fried sea bass and declared everything “spot on”. A man of few words is Roomie.

Two in the group shared a cheese fondu which was excellent, whilst the final member of the group ate a pan-fried duck breast with sweet potato fries and pronounced it fabulous.

A couple of bottles of wine were polished off and made everyone seemed funnier by the end of the evening.

Puddings were passed over as the diners were replete.

The restaurant had a super ambiance – it was full of happy well-fed skiers – and the presentation of the food was first class whilst service was swift and attentive.

Monsieur Mogul shared a stale crust with a mountain chuff for that evening’s repas. Hard to do when your nose is pressed firmly against a restaurant window.

So, on the chalet staff night off, La Taverne du Monchu, would make an excellent choice for your evening meal. Best to book and the chalet staff can assist you with this.

Roomie didn’t book and was treated to his evening meal by members of the group.

Monsieur Mogul


Monsieur Mogul – Our man in La Plagne

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author

alone and not those of Ice and Fire Ski and Snowboard Holidays

GVAAirports. You just want to get in, get out and on your way in the shortest possible time. However Geneva is one of the best run around - it’s a great airport with hidden charms – let me convince you.

Firstly, it has its own large supermarket – Migros. This stocks a great range of hot and cold food, roast chicken, pies and other comestibles. Its bakery products are particularly good. Simply turn left out of arrivals and walk towards the train station, walk past the ticket office and restaurants and you’ll bump into it at the end of the concourse. Sure, it’s a little more expensive than at home but still good value for an airport and it’s open on Sundays. Don’t worry about not having Swiss Francs – just pay by credit card.

The cheapest coffee can be bought at the Montreux Jazz Shop. This is located just to the right as you exit the baggage reclaim hall. Used by all the professional drivers, a couple of Francs gets you a quality bean-to-cup brew. Half the price of the Starbucks in departures if you must have your Seattle favour fix.

If you have time for a meal there’s a good choice of restaurants, particularly if you walk through to the train station and further along the concourse. Better value too.

As you might expect it has free wifi for passengers. Simply select the obvious GVA free wifi from your menu, enter your details and off you go.

Remember that although GVA is in both France and Switzerland, you land in the Swiss sector. Thus, if you use an ATM it will give you Swiss Francs and not Euros, unless stated.

Finally, from my time spent in arrivals, I can confirm the following:-

Firstly, that the people that were most pleased to see each other were not in fact people rather dogs, who went completely bonkers when their owners flew in.

Secondly, that the most popular gift that people bought to welcome travellers was three small cacti presented in a clear cellophane sheet. Nope me neither.

Thirdly, in a typical season, you can expect to see 20 nuns, four Greek orthodox bishops, three Santas, two Elvises and one former Miss France. But that’s a completely different story.

Monsieur Mogul


Monsieur Mogul – Our man in La Plagne

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author

alone and not those of Ice and Fire Ski and Snowboard Holidays

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