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Comedy MonoskiI was skiing through the tears this week as I realised it was nearly the end of the season and bags should be packed, the apartment cleaned, and the car pointed towards Calais.

And so to this season’s awards.

Most surprising thing this season

The snow. It has been utterly, utterly fabulous. From Week 1 to Week 15 it’s been perfect!

Best ski run in La Plagne

Pierre Blanches. Dappled sunlight, trees, interesting skiing on consistently great snow and it gets you home. What’s not to like?

Best ski run in Les Arcs

Mont Blanc. Fabulous views, sustained, empty and bathed in sunshine. All boxes ticked!

Best ski lift in La Plagne

Funiplagne Grand Rochette. Maximum up for minimum time. And if you are a singleton, you can generally sneak around the queue and jump on as the doors close on a half-empty cabin.

Best ski lift in Les Arcs

Transarc. Groovy free loos at the start and a super quick ride to the heart of the mountains.

Most annoying person of the season

My Roomie. New to snow sports this winter, Roomie skied a blue piste with confidence within 90mins and was off-piste within a week. He does have a background in surfing, inline skates and skateboarding which is almost like cheating really. The annoying bit? He returns each skiing day to report to this confirmed piste skier, the gullies that he’s skied, the off-piste he’s discovered and how many forests he’s skied though. Every. Single. Time.

Champagne Moment of the season

Meeting the two guys on the mono ski above La Plagne. Playing it for laughs they brought a smile to everyone’s face. Book them for Panto someone.

And that’s all he wrote.



Monsieur Mogul – Our man in La Plagne

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author

alone and not those of Ice and Fire Ski and Snowboard Holidays

PuckChances are, if you’re a parent in the UK, you spend your winter weekends dressed for the Arctic, standing on touchlines watching your child take part in mini-rugby, mini soccer or any number of other sports.

If you’re a parent whose family lives in the high mountains then your weekends are no different – except its mini-ice hockey.

The good news is it’s indoors – the bad news is it’s still freezing.

Yet mini-ice hockey is brilliant. Matches feature 12 rugrats dressed in full ice hockey kit, bouncing off each other as they try to work the puck into the net.

Unlike soccer – where the skill of shooting is relatively easy - shooting in ice hockey is really difficult. Adults shoot whilst skating on one leg as it provides a fixed point to lever off. But skating on one leg is a skill that is tough to master; cue low scoring games and mini-me’s crashing to the ice as they attempt to shoot. The tots bounce up like Webbles (Google it), quickly dust themselves off whilst giving their best “Nothing to see here, move along” look.

Matches are between two squads with half of each squad on the ice at any one time. When the hooter sounds after a couple of minutes the on-field players instantly swarm to the barrier and throw themselves over, whilst the resting half of the squad rush onto the ice through the one available gate; think a bottle of warm champagne emptying when the top comes off!

Played on small pitches across the rink and refereed by the older youngsters mini ice hockey attracts huge numbers and it’s great fun to watch.

As at home, the parents run a tuck shop selling homemade cakes to raise funds for the club.

Same, same but different!

Monsieur Mogul


Monsieur Mogul – Our man in La Plagne

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author

alone and not those of Ice and Fire Ski and Snowboard Holidays

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