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SnowmanYou know you want to. We all sit there in December wondering what it would be like to go away for Christmas. I’ll cut to the chase; it’s fab. So, take the plunge and have yourselves a fabulous time.

The children would love it. Nothing is certain, snow-wise, of course, but in the high mountains you are almost certainly guaranteed a white Christmas. Cue snowball fights, snowman building and endless hours on the sledging piste - all whilst someone else is cooking supper. Priceless.

You’ll feel great in between booking and departure, knowing that you have Christmas or New Year all sorted. So you can kick back, relax and smile. You are good to go.

You can save your annual leave for the summer! Why? Christmas falls perfectly in 2018 and will give most folk a full week off without having to use any annual leave entitlement. Perfect!

No annoying rellies. We’d love to invite you Aunty, but as you can’t ski we’ll have to pass and we’ll catch up in the New Year.

There is no need to decorate the house – the Christmas cards will be enough. No tree, no struggling to fix the tree lights and no hoovering the carpet as the “No Drop” tree has shed every needle into the shag pile.

Swapping the Christmas telly for chalet games. No need to spend December watching Jamie’s/Jimmy’s/Nigella’s/Delia’s “How to have a perfect Christmas” as we are doing all the work. Breakout Pass the Pigs, Uno or Jenga and have some quality family time at Christmas or New Year.

No washing up! You’ve outsourced it to us and our in-chalet teams.

Let’s be honest - booking a chalet for Christmas or New Year is never going to be a budget item. However, it can be good value. There’s no need for the big Christmas shop and no need to restock the drinks cabinet – all your food and drink is provided (except spirits) – and cooked and served by the chalet chef and host. You have the perfect excuse not to buy expensive presents; anything large you can’t fit into the case; the skiing holiday IS the present. Do the math and suddenly the numbers look good.

Finally, you can avoid Christmas! Not everyone likes Christmas, nor indeed celebrates it, so if that’s you, you can escape it all by coming skiing!

Monsieur Mogul


Monsieur Mogul – Our man in La Plagne

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author

alone and not those of Ice and Fire Ski and Snowboard Holidays

BobsleighIs it really four years since the last Winter Olympics?

Sochi was instantly forgettable of course, even more so having just watched Icarus - an expose of the alleged Russian doping of some of its athletes competing at the games.

GB has won a surprising 21 medals at the Winter Olympics since they started in 1924. Golds in figure skating, ice hockey and curling have been supplemented with silvers and bronzes in bobsleigh, figure skating, skeleton and curling.

The women's team that won the Gold in curling in Salt Lake City in 2002 came as no surprise to a former work colleague, combining, in his opinion, the two standout skills of the distaff side; throwing things and mopping. Yep; he is divorced and does now live alone.

Who can forget Torvill and Dean winning Gold in Sarajevo and the nation itself winning the world "Holding your breath" Gold by watching them, willing Jane or Christopher not to fall over and the judges not to have been knobbled to give the high marks to another pair.

Remarkably, we won the ice hockey in 1936. The Games were held in Nazi Germany that year with the winter events being held in Garmisch-Partenkirche which as Nicolas Howe wrote were two Bavaria villages separated by a hyphen and a small stream.

Our ice hockey squad of thirteen were all born in Britain, apart from one, but virtually all of them had been raised in Canada and had played ice hockey there. In a strangely formatted tournament, we beat all the hot favourites and ran out Gold medal winners after 8 matches.

Say Winter Olympics to me though and I immediately think of Eddie the Eagle; a ski jumper that epitomises the very best of British sport; immensely brave, totally fearless but never likely to make the podium. Plenty of athletes are now though, lottery money has seen to that.

Sometimes though, I miss the old days.

The 23rd Olympic Winter Games are being held in PyeongChang, South Korea, between 9-25 February 2018.

Monsieur Mogul


Monsieur Mogul – Our man in La Plagne

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author

alone and not those of Ice and Fire Ski and Snowboard Holidays



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