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PizzaIn need of some Christmas cheer on the night before Christmas, Monsieur Mogul and his Roomy headed out to a local restaurant to usher in the festive season. Our venue of choice; La Table Du Tarin.

An unprepossessing exterior gives way to a bar and restaurant of considerable charm. The huge open fire offers comfort and cheer to all and, given it was a cold snowy evening, we choose to sit right opposite.

Menus were proffered, choices were made. Two pizzas, French fries, a beer and a bottle of water. Oh yes, we really pushed le bateau out.

But whoa!

The pizzas came super quick and were enormous. I think mine had its own postcode. Thin crusted with lashings of topping; spicy chorizo sausage, salami, black olives and fabulous cheese. Roomy’s pizza was equally fab.

One of these at lunchtime would be a hearty lunch for four hungry skiers.

But the chips. The chips. The chips. Off the scale in fabulousness. They were in fact pommes soufflées in chip form. This is where the final fry is in oil so hot it blisters the skin from the body and gives a crunchy outer with a puffy, soft and yielding centre. Think potato pillows (hence the soufflées in the name). Now, if only they did curry sauce!

The full menu has the usual French favourites, tartiflette, fondu, raclette and steaks with sauce amongst other things. All at very fair prices given the quality of the food.

We departed as the restaurant filled with families and friends in their Christmas finery, clutching our pizza box, the contents of which made for our Christmas lunch.

So, on chalet staff night off, if you fancy a pizza or something similar La Table du Tarin would make an excellent choice – best to book and the chalet staff can help you with this.

Oh, I nearly forgot, did I mention the chips?

Mousier Mogul and Roomy booked under their own name and paid the full price for their meals.

Monsieur Mogul


Monsieur Mogul – Our man in La Plagne

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author

alone and not those of Ice and Fire Ski and Snowboard Holidays

Fat BikeWhy let the snow stop you cycling? Simply jump on a Fat Bike – a specialist bike made for the snow with extra fat tyres - and carry on as normal!

Departing at 4pm (4.30pm in February and thereafter) from Montchavin you’ll collect your bike, full faced helmet and spine protector and ascend via lifts with your bike to the top of Lac Noir cable car. After a briefing from your experienced guide – ours was Lilou - it’s a 60 minute ride down to Montchavin.

Don’t worry - you ride after the slopes are mostly clear of skiers and so have the slopes largely to yourselves.

We started in daylight, but as we descended night fell and the mountain took on a mysterious eerie air. A cloudless sky and a crescent moon shining brightly lit up Mont Blanc and the surrounding mountains whilst the lights twinkled evermore brightly from the valley below.

Finally, we made it back to base at 6pm and a much needed warm-up in the shop.

There is a minimum height requirement of 1m 60cm (5ft 3inches) for riders and the cost per person is 45 Euros with a maximum group size of seven.

Worried that it all might be too strenuous? Just ask to hire an electric Fat Bike. No really, it’s a thing.

Book via the Evolution2 office in Les Coches or Montchavin.

Monsieur Mogul


Monsieur Mogul – Our man in La Plagne

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author

alone and not those of Ice and Fire Ski and Snowboard Holidays

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